Things You’ve Taught Me

Things You’ve Taught Me
March 4, 2018 Heather Starbuck

joy can be found in all things

a long frisbee catch on a warm, sunny day


a sudden summer storm

warm flowing water down our backs

eating our tacos

mushy, wet tacos


hair care.

and the pride from buoyant dark brown




oh yes food

the cooking…and eating

sipping wine over empty plates


dancing in the kitchen

dancing in the park

dancing in your store


the magic and intricacy

of the simplest things

sour beer

perfectly tilled soil – all soil must go!



morning squishes with theo

and burritos. breakfast burritos

holiday burritos

blanket burritos


you taught me

plants are alive

sing to them, name them

love them

they too will flourish


never close your heart

be vulnerable

honest and brave


cry during marley and me

…and wonder woman

cry when you’re sad,


or scared and in love


tell people you love them

tell them they are wonderful

never leave a rock unturned


pain is hidden

deep down in the

crevasse of our hearts


as we climb this rocky

treacherous path of life

we can slip

we can fall

and sometimes, no one can save us


but a life is not measured

by its length

nor its end

nor even its adventures or feats


it is measured by integrity

loving selflessly

awareness and compassion

and sharing joy

a ripple spreading through infinity


oh my matt

you will live forever.




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