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  • On Valentines

    Last week marked a very difficult milestone for me. Valentines Day. Matt and I never celebrated Valentine’s day the typical way.. with a fancy dinner, heart shaped chocolate and the like. Matt was much more unique. Our first valentine’s day together, Matt simultaneously made me buckle over in laughter and swept me off my feet. He had to work late…

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  • 5 Months in, 1 Month Out

    By in Pre Thru-Hike on

    5 months without my Matt. I still think about him every minute of everyday, the memories reel through my mind on loop. Scattered across the years, the highs, the lows, pivotal moments to subtle stolen kisses. I’m continuously surprised at not only which memories I retain but also when one particular moment over another decides to spontaneously flood my thoughts.…

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  • Why the Purple Bandana?

    Most of the nation’s largest crisises have their own symbol that people recognize and use to show solidarity for the victims and their loved ones. Breast cancer has the pink ribbon, Product (RED) for HIV/AIDS, Live Strong for cancer and so many more iconic symbols of support. Currently, there lacks a nationally recognized symbol for those struggling with opioid addiction…

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