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I’m just a girl,

who fell in love with a boy.

He was kind, loving, genuine, and exuded joy. While for eight years he also struggled with opioid addiction. After reaching and maintaining sobriety, building a new life, family and career from scratch. He relapsed. And on September, 12th, 2017, he lost his battle.

Inexplicably heartbroken but inspired by his strength, I set out on a journey hiking the Appalachian Trail with Theo (Matt’s and my dog) to share his story, to hear the stories of others and to hopefully, bring compassion for this crisis stealing away so many of our loved ones across all walks of life.

Along my way, I’ll be visiting different rehabilitation programs, talking to those in the field, those affected and where able, giving out Matt’s signature purple bandana as a symbol of solidarity for those on this road to recovery and their loved ones. We’ve also set up the Matt Adams Foundation, a 501c3, to provide grants for rehabilitation and transitional programs.


I embark on the Appalachian trail March 24th with a goal of completing the trail: 2,189 miles across 14 states.

I will begin in Georgia, with my aim to end in Maine, stopping along the way at various rehabilitation and transitional programs with a focus on gaining knowledge and stories from those in recovery and the people working to end the opioid epidemic sweeping our country.

To learn more about why I chose the Appalachian Trail for my trek in regards to opioid addiction, please see the FAQ page.


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